Adam T. DeSchriver 

B.M. Candidate - Eastman School of Music

MCMS Student '18

“What sets MCMS apart from other festivals is the level of engagement the faculty have with students, and the way in which this stimulates the growth of a collaborative atmosphere for the entire community. At MCMS, every faculty member engages with every student. The faculty sit with the students during meals, they participate in activities and outings, and they are equally as much coaches in the ensembles as they are players. Students have ample opportunity to develop lasting connections with truly great artists, teachers, and players. This investment in the community unmistakably sets the faculty, and by extension MCMS, apart from other festivals. If you are serious about chamber music and you want to be mentored by some of the kindest and most generous souls in the business, then MCMS is the place for you.”


Jonathan Echevarria

M.M. Candidate - Rice University 

MCMS Student '18

"My time at The Maine Chamber Music Seminar was a truly singular and unforgettable experience. I've found it rare to participate in a festival with a sensitivity to fostering both community, and the highest level of integrity and accountability in musicianship. Being coached by faculty that serve as a core part of the ensemble is what really sets this place apart. I left having not only changed as a musician, but as a person, and that's what MCMS is all about."

Demi Fang

M.S. Candidate - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

MCMS Student '18

"I think what made MCMS so magical for me was the feeling of waking up in the morning full of excitement for the beautiful chamber music that would fill the day. I looked forward to not only working through superb repertoire, but also to collaborating with peers and faculty. My peers were equal parts talented, kind, fun, and humble. To work with – and relax with! - faculty at such an intimate level was valuable. Against the idyllic backdrop of the lake, MCMS was the ideal two-week escape that granted me amazing friendships and unforgettable musical memories."


Emily Kaplan

M.M. - University of Massachusetts Amherst

MCMS Student '18

"MCMS is a program with a unique animated spirit to it, and I greatly treasure the experience I had at Snow Pond because of that quality. The location offers an environment in which I was able to improve my craft, but also have a blast doing it! It is the perfect balance of education and fun. I left MCMS with more musical knowledge and everlasting friendships. That’s all I could ask for!"


Mina kim

D.M.A. Candidate - New England Conservatory 

MCMS Student '15 '18

"The two weeks I spent at The Maine Chamber Music Seminar reminded me of the communicative power of music, which brings the community together in a positive way. The intensive conservatory training during the school year wore me out, and I was daunted by the thought of pursuing music full-time. However, each member of the festival in one way or another taught me how much music positively impacts their lives, reminding me how much I love music. All the faculty members were extremely dedicated and earnest, which inspired me to become the musician I've always wanted to be: a musician who can bring a human connection to other people through music."